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Introducing my Youtube channel

Over the past year, I’ve done my best to keep my camera rolling everywhere I’ve traveled. From France to Guatemala, I’ve captured a lot of special moments every step of the way.

Yet up until recently, I had no idea what to do with the two terabytes worth of video that is taking up all the space on my hard drive. Before I purchased my new DSLR last year, I’d had zero experience shooting video and even less knowledge on how to edit it.

I had to learn on the fly.

I spent many late nights in a hostel bunk bed watching video tutorials and reading how-to blog posts. And finally, a year and 10-plus countries later, I’m ready to launch my own YouTube channel.

The first set of videos I’m releasing is a series of short montage videos I’m calling AYOT – A Year of Travel.

I created this travel diary series – not to inform – but rather to explore and learn more about the realm of video production. I’ve been a travel writer and photographer for quite some time, but I was completely unfamiliar with the intricacies of shooting and editing videos.

Last July, I set out on the journey of a lifetime. After saving up for over a year, I quit my desk job and headed off to see the world. Over the past year, I’ve traveled to 10 different countries and countless cities. I reconnected with old friends and gained many more in the process. I had no idea what I was doing, but I tried filming everything I could.

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